Barbarella on launch pad

News Martin Anderson
15 Apr 2008 - 20:45
Barbarella may fly in space again...

Robert Rodriguez's take on Vadim's psychedelic space-vixen - starring Planet Terror actress Rose McGowan - is way past pre-burn, it seems...

MTV reported a few days ago that rumours of the cancellation of Robert Rodriguez's re-make of Barbarella have been greatly exaggerated, and that production is at quite an advanced stage, with several sets built including 'part of [Rose McGowan's] spaceship'.

“Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done.” McGowan told MTV news.

Late last year it seemed that the Barbarella project had been scuppered, with rumours of financiers pulling out over Rodriguez's casting of his new girlfriend in the titular role.

The rumours, said McGowan were "really irritating...It was very malicious and there was no proof. Oftentimes these things have basis in truth but this didn’t. I have contracts to prove it."

The only remaining menace to the re-launch of the scantily-clad astronaut is a looming strike by the Screen Actors Guild in June, which may delay production.

To date ex-Charmed star McGowan's biggest movie role has been in Rodriguez's 2007 retro-horror Planet Terror, both in the short segment featured in Grindhouse and in the full-length edition that followed some months later.

Roger Vadim's psychedelic 1967 space-flick featured a pre-feminist Jane Fonda as a rather unlikely agent of galactic peace, whose revealing costumes were apt to fall off, break away or - in one case - be gnawed off by demon doll-robots.

The original French comic book by Jean-Claude Forest was a popular comic strip in the early 1960s, with the space-vixen popularly thought to be modelled on French sex-bomb Brigitte Bardot.

Read the MTV report here.

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