The unwelcome return of The Hulk

News Simon Brew
25 Apr 2007 - 13:06
Ed Norton in the Illusionist

A new Hulk film is planned with Ed Norton. We look back at Ang Lee's original and discover it's an underappreciated masterpiece

Big shits. Edward Norton is the fresh face of The Hulk. Cue all that drivel over how the film will be better this time round, yadda yadda yadda.

Here's the thing. That Hulk movie they made a few years ago? It's utterly, utterly brilliant, and shames the modern day blockbuster audience who continue to snipe at it.

Proper acting, intelligent, well written characters and interaction, with brilliant direction, and it's derided as one of the worst blockbusters of the last few years.

Ang Lee deserves a medal. Although he can give a bit of it back for Brokeback Mountain. But that's another discussion.

Only rivalled by Batman Begins and Sin City in the modern day comic book movie hall of fame, it's about time Hulk got the respect it deserved.

Quite like the idea of Edward Norton, though.

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