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16 Mar 2012 - 00:00

The concluding part of our mammoth look at the sequels currently in the works...

Here's the rest of the list, from L through to Z. It's all continued from page one, here.

The Last Exorcism 2

Eli Roth oversaw the original The Last Exorcism, and he's producing the follow-up as well, which should be in cinemas by the end of the year. Ashley Bell returns to headline the film, which is being directed by Ed Glass-Donnelly.

Machete Kills

Danny Trejo is returning to play Machete, with Machete Kills heading into production by April. It’s unclear at the moment whether Robert Rodriguez will be directing this one himself, but at the very least, he’s producing and shepherding the project. Exepct a 2013 release.

Mad Max 4 and 5

This one’s had a troubled path. Mad Max: Fury Road was originally set to go before the cameras last year, and indeed, much pre-production work had already been done. But with George Miller ready to shoot the film, heavy rain in the Australian locations meant that the brakes had to be applied. The plan now will be to shoot the film in Africa, with Tom Hardy starring alongside Charlize Theron. Production will take place this year, and Mad Max 5, if all goes to plan, will follow soon after.

Man Of Steel 2

In an increasingly common move, Warner Bros is understood to have begun work on putting a script together for a further Superman adventure, even though its reboot, Man Of Steel, is still over a year from release.

Little is know thus far, other than the script is underway, and we’d imagine the studio would be looking to have Man Of Steel 2 in cinemas no later than the summer of 2015.

Mission: Impossible 5

The success of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol firmly put the MI franchise back on track, and unsurprisingly, Paramount has confirmed that it’s looking for a fifth film. We’d imagine that it’ll involve Tom Cruise again, as well as Jeremy Renner. Given that each film in the series has attracted a different director, though, don’t expect Brad Bird to be calling the shots this time around.

Monsters 2

Gareth Edwards, who last we heard was still circling the Godzilla reboot, won't be returning to direct the follow-up to his brilliant low-budget sci-fi flick, Monsters. Instead, he's set to take an executive producer credit, with Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas down to direct instead. No sign of any dates yet, though.

Monsters University

It’s been a long time coming, but Pixar is revisiting the world of Sully and Mike, in a prequel to the smash-hit, Monsters Inc. John Goodman and Billy Crystal return to voice the characters, and it’s going to be a prequel to the original film. Set for release in the summer of 2013, Dan Scanlon is helming this time. If we’re lucky, we might get an early trailer when Brave debuts in cinemas this summer…

The Muppets

The delightful return to the big screen of The Muppets gave Disney a good, solid hit, and a lot of people a great night out at the movies. Fortunately, a new Muppets film is now in the works.

Jason Segel has passed on writing duties this time around. Instead, The Muppets co-writer, Nicholas Stoller, and director, James Bobin, are collaborating on the script for the next film. We’d assume that Bobin will be directing too. Either way, it’s a film that can’t come quick enough for us…

National Treasure 3

Still at the treatment stage this one, although Nicolas Cage and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have both suggested that it’s still on the cards. Bruckheimer’s immediate priority is The Lone Ranger, and then presumably Pirates 5. Director Jon Turteltaub, meanwhile, is circling other projects right now. National Treasure 3, if it happens, is likely to slot in after his next film.

Nativity 2: The Second Coming

David Tennant has joined the cast for the sequel to surprise British comedy hit, Nativity. Due in cinemas this coming November, Debbie Isitt is back directing, and Tennant’s character will play a teacher putting his class forward for the Song For Christmas competition. Oh, and his wife is pregnant, too.

The film is out in November. We know of at least one of our Twitter followers who will be delighted at the news.

Night At The Museum 3

The first two Night At The Museum films are few people’s favourites, but they’re commercially successful family films. It’s unsurprising, then, that a script is pretty much in place for a third instalment. Ben Stiller confirmed that the project was underway a while back, and since then, director Shawn Levy has confirmed that the screenplay is a good one.

Whether he’ll direct is another matter – we’ll be coming to the possible Real Steel 2 shortly – but Stiller’s interest suggests the film will happen, with or without Levy.

Paranormal Activity 4

It’s beyond doubt now that Paranormal Activity has taken over the mantle from Saw where cheap to knock out annual horror films are concerned. The third Paranormal Activity, though, was surprisingly good, and much of the credit for that should go to Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

Fortunately, they’ve been recruited back for Paranormal Activity 4, which will be arriving in cinemas this coming October. Whether it bothers to tie into the narrative of the series or not this time remains to be seen. It should, at least, generate a few scares.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

Chris Columbus’ film of Percy Jackson & The Olympians was a fairly cynical attempt to ride the Harry Potter bandwagon, albeit one that did decent money. It’s taken a while to get chapter two moving, though. However, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters has now been confirmed for release in March 2013.

Logan Lerman will be back to play Percy, and this time, Columbus won’t be directing, with Thor Freudenthal instead taking up the reins. Most of the key cast are back, too.

Pineapple Express 2

Seth Rogen suggested at the end of last year that a Pineapple Express 2 was still possible. He said that he and James Franco have talked about doing it, and there seems to be some quiet intent to move the project forward. Unsurprisingly, there's nothing formal thus far, though.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

By the time the credits rolled on Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, it seemed that not a single lesson had been learned from the disastrous storytelling of the previous two films. Nonetheless, the film went on to gross over $1bn at the worldwide box office, leaving anyone who really cares about good films to question their sanity.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, then, is a given, in spite of the usual nattering about ‘having to make sure the script is right’. You have to say that it never particularly bothered them before. Still, Pirates 5 is taking a bit longer to put together, and reportedly, the script that was in place has been taken back to the drawing board. The suggestions we wrote in advance of the fourth film still stand, though.

More time in the writing stages certainly will do the Pirates films no harm. We know that Rob Marshall is likely to return to direct Pirates 5, anyway, and we’d imagine that they’re looking to go into production next year.

Project X 2

Warner Bros can’t bang this one out fast enough. Project X cost around $12m to make, and the found-footage party movie took nearly double that in its opening weekend in the US alone. That means one thing: sequel.

Michael Bacall has been hired to write Project X 2, along with Matt Drake. They’re the pair who penned the first film, and the idea is that they put together a treatment, before producer Todd Phillips decides whether to make the movie. Expect the film to happen, and expect it to happen quickly.

Rambo 5

And just when you think that a fifth Rambo movie has disappeared altogether, Sylvester Stallone reveals that it might just be back on the table. In a recent interview, Stallone confirmed his resurrected interest in a final Rambo movie, one that will literally kill the character off, it seems. The plot? Something about Mexicans, and Rambo not being in the best of moods. If Rambo 5 is, ultimately, going to happen, expect it to go into production in the next eighteen months.

Real Steel 2

Feedback from the fans is shaping the sequel to robot boxing flick, Real Steel. That’s according to its director, Shawn Levy, who is planning a follow-up to the film. The first film did good numbers, with $300m in the bank from cinema admissions alone, and thus work on the script for a second film is underway.

This time? To aim it perhaps a little more at children and their parents, rather than teenagers. We’ll see how that turns out, but not for a while yet…


We can’t say we were massively keen on the film version of Warren Ellis’s RED, which managed to bring together an interesting cast – Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman – and then grind them down. It did solid money, though, enough to put a sequel into motion.

The follow-up has a different director, though, with Galaxy Quest’s Dean Parisot signing on the dotted line. He might just be an inspired choice. The film is due in August 2013.


Vin Diesel’s quest to bring Riddick back to the big screen for a third time did hit a couple of problems, when production had to be stopped while funding issues were resolved. But resolved they were, and the new Riddick will presumably aim to capture the feel of Pitch Black, rather than The Chronicles Of Riddick that followed.

David Twohy has returned to direct, and Diesel is joined by Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff in the movie. The film has been pencilled in for release in 2013.

More Of The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

A surprise in many senses back in the summer of 2011, director Rupert Wyatt proved an inspired choice to reboot the Planet Of The Apes saga for Fox, with Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes a genuinely impressive piece of blockbuster film making. It was a commercially successful one, too, and that means that Wyatt will get to make another film in the series.

Andy Serkis has signed back up already to reprise the role of Caesar, and writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are apparently working on ideas. We’re a while away from a start of production, though, so summer 2014 might be a good bet as to when to expect the film.

Salt 2

Writer Kurt Wimmer, who has penned the new Total Recall movie, had put together a script for a sequel to Salt. Things seemed to be going swimmingly, until Angelina Jolie turned it down. That leaves the project pretty much back where it was, with Wimmer being told to go back and start over.

Jolie is believed to be keen to make Salt 2 still, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon…

Scary Movie 5

Clear your diary for January 11th 2013, as Dimension Films has a treat for you. It’s earmarked that date as the release for Scary Movie 5, the comedy franchise that simply keeps on, er, giving. We don’t know yet if they’ve managed to tempt Anna Faris back, nor do we know who’s going to direct (David Zucker did the last two, not very well). We know, though, that the film will be cheap to make, and will more than likely turn a good profit.

Scream 5

The box office returns of Scream 4 were well below those of the first three films, but the Weinstein Company didn’t seem too discouraged by them. Around $100m in worldwide box office takings, but home viewing revenue, should more than comfortably recoup the $40m or so it took to make the negative.

They also didn’t rule out the planned Scream 5. Scream 4 was supposed to be part of a new trilogy, although there’s a strong suspicion that the next chapter of the franchise will be more reboot than straight sequel. But it seems that, particularly given the economical production costs, another Scream will be along in due course.

Sin City 2

Robert Rodriguez’s immediate attention, sequel-wise, is on Machete Kills, but he does keep talking about Sin City 2, which seems to inch very slowly towards happening. Last we heard, Frank Miller had confirmed that the film will mostly be based around A Dame To Kill For, albeit interspersed with some original short stories, too. And there's been a breakthrough, too: Rodriguez has now revealed that he plans to shoot the film in summer 2012. Might we yet get Sin City 2 in 2013? The odds have suddenly shortened...

The Smurfs 2

Write The Smurfs off at your peril. Sony’s decision to push ahead with a mix of CG and live action for the little blue people paid rich dividends in 2011, as the film snared over half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. We’ll give you a minute to take that in.

Fast forward, then, to the summer of 2013, and you’ve got another Smurfs movie to look forward to. We predict that this, too, will mix CG and live action. Director Raja Gosnell is likely to return.

Star Trek

One of the highest profile sequels currently in production, JJ Abrams is remaining super-secretive about the follow-up to his Star Trek reboot. We know that some British talent is joining up with the returning crew this time, with Alice Eve, Noel Clarke and Benedict Cumberbatch joining the cast. The latter is widely believed to be the villain in the film.

The movie is set for release in the summer of 2013, and expect cards to be played close to chests for quite a while yet.

Starship Troopers: Invasion

While talk arises of a Starship Troopers remake, there is still the small matter of another sequel to contend with. This one, perhaps wisely, is avoiding live action, and will be a CG affair. Entitled Starship Troopers: Invasion, we should be able to feast our eyes on it later this year.

Step Brothers 2

You’ll perhaps note the complete absence of Anchorman 2 from this list, primarily because there’s little sign at all that it’s ever going to go into production. But one sequel to a Will Ferrell/Adam McKay movie is definitely on the cards: Step Brothers 2.

Ferrell and John C Reilly are set to reprise their leading roles for the film, which is due to go before the cameras this year. Hopefully there’s more than a good bunk bed gag to this one, and we should find out for certain in 2013.

Taken 2

2012 will forever be regarded as the year that we learned Liam Neeson could punch wolves in the face, but it’s also set to see the return of his particular set of skills to the big screen. Taken 2, the first and only sequel to the surprise hit of 2008, is being directed by Olivier Megaton, and is set for release in late 2012.

Terminator 5

The new Terminator film seems to have gone a little bit back into the shadows. It had been revealed that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was going to make Terminator 5, but instead, he stuck with his commitments to Fast Six and Fast Seven, thus taking a less prominent role on the new Terminator movie.

Instead? Well, the last we heard, the new film was heading for an R-rating, but there’s no sign of key personnel being put into place. Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly interested in appearing, but there’s no director or screenwriter that we know of. The original plan, as we understand it, was to have the film shooting this year, but that’s far from certain.

Given the amount of money spent securing the rights, there’s no doubt that another Terminator film will happen. It’d be a brave person to gamble on exactly when, though.

Thor 2

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston are all set for a fresh Marvel adventure in the follow-up to the really rather grand Thor. Thor 2: More Thor (we made that title up) is set for release on November 15th 2013, and it’s being directed by Game Of Thrones’ Alan Taylor, after original choice Patty Jenkins departed the project. Not unlike Iron Man 3, this is a project that will be affected in some way by the events of Marvel’s upcoming The Avengers

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 2

The Oscar-nominated Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy earned strong box office returns, particularly in the UK, and that’s opened up interest in adapting a further John Le Carre George Smiley story for the big screen.

Smiley’s People is the one that’s being considered, and Gary Oldman has already said that he’s looking to reprise his role in the new film. Whether Tomas Alfredson would be tempted to return to direct isn’t yet known.

Top Gun 2

At first, when talk of Top Gun 2 resurfaced, it was dismissed as something of a joke. After all, plans for a Top Gun follow-up had fallen apart more than once before.

Yet it appears that Top Gun 2 is deathly serious. Script work is being undertaken, Tom Cruise has spoken positively about the project, and director Tony Scott is keen to be involved. Blimey. What next? Cocktail 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Toy Story 4

So, is it happening? This is probably the most rumour-based project on this list, as Pixar is notoriously secretive regarding its future projects. But it was Tom Hanks that revealed that work was underway on a future Toy Story film, although Pixar soon closed ranks and hasn’t given anything else for us to feast on. Don’t expect it soon, if it happens at all. But Hanks, you’d imagine, is a pretty decent source.

Transformers 4

Michael Bay, contrary to original murmurings, will be back to take the Transformers franchise forward again, as he’s been confirmed as the director of Transformers 4. There’s no Shia LaBeouf this time, though, although apparently it’s not going to be the reboot that was originally mooted. Instead, it’ll just pick up another story thread in the same Transformers world. Thus, expect lots of effects, a bloated running time, and ladies in their undergarments. The film is due in the summer of 2014. It will be loud.


TRON: Legacy was a very expensive film to make, but it seemed to do just about enough at the box office for Disney to consider making another film. And, according to Bruce Boxleitner, TRON 3 is still very firmly on the cards.

Boxleitner has revealed that the new TRON film is set to go into production in 2014, with Joseph Kosinski set to direct again. The story will follow on from TRON: Legacy, too, but we may be looking as late as 2016 for a release.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It's out in November. There is nothing left to tell you about this film and franchise that, if you're a fan, you won't already know. It should be the last one, though.

Twins 2

Here’s one you might not have seen coming. The most commercially successful, and first, of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s particular brand of high concept comedies, was Twins. It was also the best. His co-star in the film, Danny DeVito, while doing press for the US release of The Lorax, was asked about persistent rumours of a Twins sequel. And there’s a chance it may be happening.

DeVito declared that it’s a project he’d definitely think about taking on, saying that he always thought they should so something. He’s also keen to work with Arnie again, and Twins 2 makes a lot more sense than Junior 2, if that’s the case. If Ivan Reitman can’t, as it seems, get Ghostbusters 3 moving, then Twins 2 may yet be closer than you think.

Underworld 5

You know the routine by now. An Underworld film comes out, gets torn apart by the critics, makes a solid chunk of cash, and another one gets commissioned. While there’s not yet been formal word of Underworld 5, Kate Beckinsale admitted around the release of Underworld: Awakening earlier this year that another film was a possibility. She was nowhere near definite on the prospect, yet neither did she rule it out. Our guess? It’s all but certain, whether Beckinsale stars in it or not.

Waiting To Exhale 2

The sad early death of Whitney Houston would seem to have ended plans for a sequel to the not-very-good Waiting To Exhale. But it seems apparently not. Fox continues to develop the film, based on the follow-up book Getting To Happy, and original director Forest Whitaker remains involved.

It’s got a long way to go this one, though, and it’ll be a while until we even find out if the original cast want to return.

Wanted 2

Wanted 2 still seems like a bit of an odd choice for a sequel, not least because Angelina Jolie’s name keeps being associated with it. Still, it was revealed towards the end of 2011 that Michael Brandt and Derek Haas are working on a script for a second film, with the hope of tempting the key players back. We do wonder, though, if the moment for Wanted 2 might just have passed.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

Robert Zemeckis, since A Christmas Carol, has had a little trouble getting a project off the ground. Most notably, his planned Yellow Submarine project fell apart. He’s currently in post-production on his new film, though, Flight, and once he’s done with that, it might just bring Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 back into play. Around the time of A Christmas Carol’s release, Zemeckis revealed that he was considering the project, and some writing work was believed to have been undertaken. Beyond that, though, it’s been radio silence. We might just hear more about the film this year…

The Wolverine

The director’s chair for X-Men Origins: Wolverine follow-up, The Wolverine, finally landed at the door of James Mangold, after Darren Aronofsky quit the project. And while the project has been beset by delays, it’s finally pressing ahead, with Hugh Jackman returning.

It’ll be a standalone Wolverine movie, taking the title character to Japan, and it’s inked in for a release date of July 26th 2013.

World War Z 2

Brad Pitt is headline World War Z, the first film of Max Brooks’ series of novels. If the zombie-infested flick proves a hit when it’s released in US cinemas in the summer of 2013, the plan is for sequels, although at this stage, no time scales have been mentioned.

X-Men: First Class 2

Good news, here. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will be leading the returning faces for afollow-up to Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class movie. And even better news: Vaughn himself will be returning to direct.  This one’s reported to focus just a little more on Magneto, and if that gives Fassbender lots of screen time, ideally with his clothes on, that’s fine with us.

Zoolander 2

A project that’s slowly bubbling along. Ben Stiller has, for some time, been happy to talk about Zoolander 2. He’s set to reprise the title role in the film, with Justin Theroux set to direct this time. Current estimate: 2014.

And the 17 sequels that aren't happening...

Here are the ones that have fallen off the radar a bit in the last year or two…

The Departed 2, Anchorman 2, Austin Powers 4, Bad Boys 3 (you find a gap in the schedule of either Will Smith or Michael Bay), Friday The 13th Part 2 (stuck in seemingly permanent limbo) Beverly Hills Cop 4 (Eddie Murphy is less interested than potential director Brett Ratner, it seems), Conan 2 (a film killed by the box office performance of Conan 1),  Eastern Promises 2 (firmly fallen off the radar), Knocked Up (This Is Forty is more a spin-off, than a sequel), True Lies 2 (the film that only Tom Arnold seems to keep alive), The X-Files 3 (we’ll be amazed if we ever see it), xXx 3 (Vin Diesel has to successfully get Riddick going first), Dark Crystal 2 (if we don’t mention it, they might not make it), Super Troopers 2 (the script was apparently done a year ago, but no obvious movement since), Zombieland 2 (the last we heard was that a TV series was more likely) and Jumper 2 (fallen off the radar).

Phew. We're off for a drink, now.

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