Doctor Who update: Minecraft, Into The Dalek clips

Rob Leane News Aug 28, 2014

Who-themed Minecraft and Into The Dalek previews all feature in our latest Doctor Who series 8 update…

Minecraft 1.8 update brings user terrain generation

Aaron Birch News Apr 23, 2014

The next big update for Minecraft puts control of the world generation in your hands...

50 intriguing cancelled videogames you won't get to play

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There are a lot of promising videogames that fail to make it to market. We look at 50 of the most interesting...

Facebook acquires Oculus, scares away Minecraft

Aaron Birch News Mar 26, 2014

Social media giant, Facebook, has purchased Rift creator Oculus, but not everyone is happy...

Minecraft movie in the works at Warner Bros

Aaron Birch News Feb 28, 2014

It's official, Minecraft is heading to the silver screen thanks to a collaboration between Mojang and Warner Bros...

Minecraft Realms to introduce mini games

Aaron Birch News Feb 21, 2014

The paid-for multiplayer service for Minecraft is adding mini games to complement the world-building survival...

Steam Early Access games – good or bad?

Aaron Birch Feature Jan 27, 2014

With the success of DayZ and Rust, and more titles jumping on the bandwagon, is the retail game release looking at an unfinished future?

10 pivotal videogames of the last generation

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With the next wave of consoles now in the wild, we look at the most important games of the last generation of videogaming...

The 25 most annoying things about online gamers

Aaron Birch Feature Nov 29, 2013

Playing games online isn't just about avoiding bullets, but also the F-bombs of the Internet's growing army of digital yobs...

Minecraft finally coming to PS3

Aaron Birch News Nov 12, 2013

Gaming legend, Minecraft, is at long last coming to the PlayStation 3 and still on track for next gen...