Michelle Gomez

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi series 9 interview

Den Of Geek Interview Aug 19, 2015

On a June visit to the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff, we enjoyed a round-table chat with Peter Capaldi about series 9…

Michelle Gomez interview: Comedy, Doctor Who

Louisa Mellor Interview Jun 5, 2015

We interview Michelle Gomez about slapstick, stand-up, Steven Moffat, playing Doctor Who's Missy, and her new web series...

Doctor Who series 9: new images from prequel mini-episode

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday the 19th of September for series 9. Now, we've got some pictures from a prequel short...

Doctor Who update: Moffat on Troughton, Frost, Missy

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Mr Steven Moffat has been chatting about Doctor Who's upcoming festive episode, as well as Missy's future...

Doctor Who: Michelle Gomez on series 9 rumours

Rob Leane News Nov 12, 2014

Michelle Gomez has given a pretty definitive answer on whether a series 9 return for her character is on the cards...

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat discusses where next for Missy

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We might not have seen the last of Missy in Doctor Who, according to Mr Steven Moffat…

Doctor Who series 8: Death In Heaven review

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Spoilers: Doctor Who series 8's finale didn't let the side down after the excellent Dark Water. Here's our review...

Doctor Who series 8: Death In Heaven spoiler-free review

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If you've enjoyed Doctor Who series 8, you'll be glad to know it ends with its head held high. Here are our spoiler-free finale thoughts...

Doctor Who series 8: everything we know about Missy so far

Andrew Blair Feature Oct 18, 2014

As Doctor Who series 8 draws towards its end, Andrew ticks off everything we've learned about Michelle Gomez's character, Missy, so far.

Michelle Gomez joins Doctor Who series 8

Louisa Mellor News Jun 30, 2014

The latest series 8 casting news has Green Wing's Michelle Gomez playing "The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere"...