Looking Back

Revisiting 3D Dot Game Heroes

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 16, 2013

Before it made Bravely Default, out now on the Nintendo 3DS, Silicon Studio made the fabulous 3D Dot Game Heroes. Ryan takes a look back...

Looking back at A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Adam Lowes Feature Nov 1, 2013

The third Nightmare On Elm Street received a creative injection thanks to a new director and writer. Adam looks back at Dream Warriors...

Looking back at the films of the 1990s

The inside of a cinema
Den Of Geek News Sep 20, 2013

Our lookbacks at an assortment of 1990s movies, all gathered together in one place!

Looking back at the infamous The Boondock Saints

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 13, 2013

An indie thriller with a quirky cast, The Boondock Saints was once an expensive Miramax production. We chart the film's strange history...

Sneakers: the finest crime caper movie of the 1990s?

Simon Brew Feature Aug 28, 2013

More than 20 years old it may be, but time has been unusually kind to the hacker caper thriller Sneakers, Simon writes...

Looking back at Walter Hill's Southern Comfort

Samantha Cliffe Feature Jul 3, 2013

Could director Walter Hill's Southern Comfort be one of the most underrated thrillers of the 80s? Samantha takes a look back...

What’s really terrifying about 28 Days Later

Laura Akers Feature Aug 15, 2013

In Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, the humans are as deadly as the zombies. Laura dissects one particularly terrifying moment...

Akira at 25

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 28, 2013

In July 1988, one of Japan’s finest animated films appeared in cinemas. Ahead of its 25th anniversary, Ryan looks back at Akira...

Looking back at Tony Scott's True Romance

Glen Chapman Feature Jun 3, 2013

Director Tony Scott may have played with Tarantino's script, but True Romance is one of the great 90s thrillers, Glen writes...

Looking back at Tony Scott's The Last Boy Scout

Matt Edwards Feature May 31, 2013

Our look back at the work of the late director Tony Scott continues with the 90s action flick, The Last Boy Scout...