Left 4 Dead

Evolve PlayStation 4 review

Aaron Birch Review Feb 16, 2015

An elephant gun won't quite cut it with the beasties you'll be stalking in Evolve. But is it a case of DLC taking priority here?

New Left 4 Dead isn't what you're expecting

Aaron Birch Trailer May 1, 2014

Still waiting for Left 4 Dead 3? Well, you'll have to keep waiting, as the new game is an arcade machine, in Japan...

Evolve is the new shooter from Left 4 Dead creator

Aaron Birch News Jan 8, 2014

A new IP is on the way from Left 4 Dead creator, Turtle Rock, and it's called Evolve...

The top 10 most unlikely videogame heroes

Harry Slater Top 10 Jun 15, 2010

Not all videogame protagonists can be alpha males with rippling muscles like Marcus Fenix. So here are our ten most unlikely game heroes…