James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: Love and other monsters

James Clayton News Feb 10, 2011

James cuts through the tackiness of Valentines Day by writing a few poems of admiration to some of Hollywood's most desirable monsters...

The James Clayton column: A campaign to protect Natalie Portman

James Clayton News Feb 3, 2011

James shudders through Black Swan and wonders, just why does Natalie Portman have to endure horrible cruelty in seemingly every film she’s in?

The James Clayton Column: Hollywood hails the King

James Clayton News Jan 27, 2011

James joins the crowd of people who reckon it might just be Colin Firth's year at the Oscars...

The James Clayton Column: Han Solo and Indy vs. evil TV

James Clayton News Jan 20, 2011

James wants to send Indiana Jones and Han Solo in to save television. Here's his plan...

The James Clayton Column: “Damn! We’re in a tight spot!”

James Clayton News Jan 13, 2011

Stuck in a tricky situation? As ever, Hollywood has the answer, as James explains…

The James Clayton Column: Tron: Philosophy

James Clayton News Jan 7, 2011

Does Tron: Legacy provide a neon-fringed window into Buddhist philosophy? James certainly thinks so…

The James Clayton Column: Bad movie memories and horrible history erased for eternal sunshine

James Clayton News Dec 17, 2010

Inspired by a troubling scene in The Warrior’s Way, James lists the film moments he’d happily erase from memory…

The James Clayton Column: Machete: supreme source of movie wisdom

James Clayton News Dec 9, 2010

Is Robert Rodriguez’s ultra-violent Machete a more insightful, culturally significant movie than most critics would credit? James certainly thinks so, and here are his reasons why…

The James Clayton Column: The hidden heart of the American

James Clayton News Dec 2, 2010

Anton Corbijn’s The American may appear to be a portrait of a cold-hearted killer, but there’s a real humanity beneath its surface, James writes…

The James Clayton Column: trailers running off the tracks

James Clayton Trailer Nov 25, 2010

Like the runaway train in Unstoppable, have Hollywood film trailers sped out of control? James thinks so, and Denzel Washington may be our only hope...