James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: “But the title said there’d be a submarine.”

James Clayton News Mar 31, 2011

Shaken by the absence of submersible vessels in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, James wonders, what’s in a name…?

The James Clayton column: Oorah for Earth's Marines!

James Clayton News Mar 24, 2011

The macho action of Battle: Los Angeles leaves James pondering the US Marine Corp’s perpetual aggression against alien visitors in films…

The James Clayton Column: rōnin samurai vs. real estate

James Clayton News Mar 17, 2011

In this week’s column, James ponders the benefits of wearing a samurai outfit and cinema’s delusions of domestic bliss…

The James Clayton Column: Liam Neeson's lost identity

James Clayton News Mar 9, 2011

Unknown sees Liam Neeson stuck in the middle of an identity crisis. James’ advice? Follow the example of acting chameleon Johnny Depp…

The James Clayton Column: the Devil’s greatest tricks

James Clayton News Mar 3, 2011

With The Rite and Drive Angry 3D bringing infernal themes to the big screen, James looks back at Beelzebub’s enduring presence in pop culture…

The James Clayton Column: Exclusive! Oscar outfits revealed!

James Clayton News Feb 24, 2011

The Oscars are approaching, and the stars are choosing their outfits. Will we see James Franco in a boy scout uniform? James thinks so…

The James Clayton Column: Do clones dream of romance and replica ducks?

James Clayton News Feb 17, 2011

In this week’s column, James meditates on the philosophical connection between water fowl, René Descartes, Bruce Lee and Blade Runner…

The James Clayton Column: Love and other monsters

James Clayton News Feb 10, 2011

James cuts through the tackiness of Valentines Day by writing a few poems of admiration to some of Hollywood's most desirable monsters...

The James Clayton column: A campaign to protect Natalie Portman

James Clayton News Feb 3, 2011

James shudders through Black Swan and wonders, just why does Natalie Portman have to endure horrible cruelty in seemingly every film she’s in?

The James Clayton Column: Hollywood hails the King

James Clayton News Jan 27, 2011

James joins the crowd of people who reckon it might just be Colin Firth's year at the Oscars...