James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: let Straw Dogs lie?

James Clayton News Nov 3, 2011

With the remake of Straw Dogs out today, James ponders the wisdom of returning to classic movies, particularly in light of the disastrous Wicker Man…

The James Clayton Column: cinematic tales from the sick bay

James Clayton News Oct 27, 2011

A spell in hospital leaves James cut off from cinema, and desperate for a return to geekdom. Still, at least he hasn’t mutated into a giant swan. Yet…

The James Clayton Column: the movie actors immune to infection

James Clayton News Oct 20, 2011

As Contagion sweeps like a plague into UK cinemas, James looks at five Hollywood actors who are surely immune to infection…

The James Clayton column: don't hurt Hugh Jackman. Hit some Real Steel

James Clayton News Oct 13, 2011

Real Steel brings boxing robots to the big screen. But does it, James wonders, hint at a future dominated by artificial intelligence…?

The James Clayton column: might Johnny English save the world?

Johnny English Reborn
James Clayton News Oct 6, 2011

Which spies and organisations would you really trust to save the world? And is Johnny English our best bet?

The James Clayton Column: Shark Night? Bah! What's tomorrow night?

James Clayton News Sep 29, 2011

As Shark Night 3D swims ominously into cinemas, James comes up with a few 3D horror concepts of his own. Hen Night 3D, anyone…?

The James Clayton Column: in praise of Tom Hardy

James Clayton News Sep 22, 2011

In this week’s column, the release of Warrior inspires James to look back over the work of one of the UK’s finest actors, Tom Hardy…

The James Clayton Column: to drive or not to drive?

James Clayton News Sep 15, 2011

Ahead of Drive’s release in cinemas, James takes a leisurely cruise through the history of auto-obsessed movies…

The James Clayton Column: Why we’ve never gone back to the Moon - the truth

James Clayton News Sep 8, 2011

With Apollo 18 offering up a horror experience on the Moon, James explores other possible reasons why visits to our nearest neighbour have ceased…

The James Clayton Column: Fright Night and fang fatigue

James Clayton News Sep 1, 2011

In this week’s column, James gets his teeth into Fright Night, and asks whether we’re now officially bored with vampires…