James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: Resurrecting the rock ‘n’ roll film

James Clayton News Aug 14, 2009

James considers going to watch Bandslam, for a nanosecond, before wondering where the real music movies went...

The James Clayton Column: Alien Enterprises

James Clayton News Aug 7, 2009

James wants the new Ridley Scott movie to tell us the truth about the real monster in the Alien franchise - 'The Company'...

The James Clayton Column: Hollywood Moon

Sam Rockwell in Moon
James Clayton News Jul 30, 2009

James looks back on Hollywood's love-affair with Earth's lonely satellite...

The James Clayton Column: The Devil in the detail

James Clayton News Jul 24, 2009

James catches up with Lars von Triers's Antichrist. But do titles and BBFC certificate explanations have a habit of spoiling the surprise, he wonders...?

The James Clayton Column: make it real, Mann-style

James Clayton News Jul 17, 2009

James celebrates the might of Michael Mann's Public Enemies, with one or two spoilers if you've not seen the film...

The James Clayton Column: requesting creative remakes

James Clayton News Jul 10, 2009

James despairs at the idea of a remake of An American Werewolf In London. Unless they're actually going to do something different with it...

The James Clayton Column: martial arts overkill

Blood: The Last Vampire
James Clayton News Jul 3, 2009

James is off to see Blood: The Last Vampire. But there are no short cuts to martial artistry, he argues...

The James Clayton Column: prehistory according to Hollywood

James Clayton News Jun 26, 2009

Is Jack Black a modern day prophet, wonders James?

The James Clayton Column: video game vitality

James Clayton News Jun 19, 2009

Why taking masterpieces from movie history and turning them into games could be a very good thing...

The Good, The Bad, The Weird DVD review

The Good The Bad The Weird
James Clayton Review Jun 15, 2009

Kim Ji-woon throws plenty at the screen, and much of it sticks, as James reviews The Good, The Bad, The Weird on DVD...