James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: Things we don’t want to see in the Total Recall remake

James Clayton Feature Jul 13, 2012

With the release of Len Wiseman's Total Recall just around the corner, James shares his hopes and fears for the sci-fi remake...

The James Clayton Column: The more Spider-Men the merrier

James Clayton Feature Jul 6, 2012

As The Amazing Spider-Man swings into cinemas, James celebrates the character’s rich, ever-changing mythos…

The James Clayton Column: Olympicsploitation movies

James Clayton Feature Jun 29, 2012

With Fast Girls paving the way for the Olympics, James comes up with a few sports-themed British movies of his own…

The James Clayton Column: Holiday home movie horror

James Clayton Feature Jun 22, 2012

As Chernobyl Diaries arrives in cinemas, James wonders, are holiday home movies scarier than found footage horror flicks, and what happens when the two are combined…?

The James Clayton Column: Actors in surprise musical action

James Clayton Feature Jun 15, 2012

With Tom Cruise wailing over the Rock Of Ages soundtrack, James dreams up a few other musical vehicles for Hollywood's finest...

The James Clayton Column: Prometheus, and the need for surprise

James Clayton Feature May 31, 2012

James calls for more mystery when it comes to new releases and celebrates the films that have held back their surprises...

The James Clayton Column: Film franchises that should take a timewarp

James Clayton Feature May 25, 2012

James salutes Men in Black 3's timey wimey plot and has a few suggestions for other film franchises that could go in a similar direction...

The James Clayton Column: May the fourth be with you

James Clayton News May 3, 2012

Since today is officially Star Wars day, James takes a moment to salute George Lucas’ rich universe, which still deserves our love in spite of its flaws…

The James Clayton Column: strippers, werewolves and superhero sex confusion

James Clayton News Apr 26, 2012

The imminent release of Strippers Vs Werewolves prompts James to consider the hairy problems that life as a werewolf might cause...

The James Clayton Column: playing cards movie pitches

James Clayton News Apr 19, 2012

With Battleship taking its cue from a board game, James dreams up a few movie pitches inspired by a humble deck of playing cards…