Incredible Hulk

Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk and other childhood traumas

Guy Buckland Feature May 14, 2015

Guy confesses his childhood fear of Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk. And Teen Wolf. And Manimal. What's yours?

Why does Marvel Studios keep sidelining its antagonists?

Rob Leane Feature Apr 10, 2014

From Trevor Slattery to the Winter Soldier, Rob looks at one of the Marvel universe’s most curious traits...

Alternate Cover: Marvel anniversary issues reviewed

James Hunt Review Aug 24, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #600, Incredible Hulk #600 and Daredevil #500 all line up to mark Marvel's sort-of-birthday...

Alternate Cover: Too Many Hulks

James Hunt News Aug 3, 2009

Can we have a Hulk comic that actually has the original character in it please?