George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade is coming to TV

Rob Leane News
Oct 12, 2015

The Skin Trade – a werewolf novella by George R.R. Martin – has been picked up for the TV treatment by Cinemax…

Revisiting HBO's The Pacific

Robert Keeling Feature
Oct 13, 2015

HBO's 2010 mini-series The Pacific, a follow-up to Band Of Brothers, captured the visceral nightmare of war with powerful storytelling...

Watchmen: HBO considering TV show

Rob Leane News
Oct 2, 2015

HBO has met with Zack Snyder about the possibility of bringing Alan Moore's Watchmen comic to the small screen...

Deadwood: HBO confirms talks over a movie

Deadwood. Another show with no real ending?
Simon Brew News
Aug 13, 2015

Could Deadwood be coming back from the, well, dead? HBO admits that there's been some fresh movie talk...

Westworld TV show: first trailer lands online

Rob Leane News
Aug 10, 2015

"Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?" asks the first trailer for HBO's Westworld TV series...

Confirmed: David Fincher’s HBO Utopia remake cancelled

Rob Leane News
Aug 10, 2015

HBO’s Utopia remake has been shut down. The fate of his comedy show Video Synchronicity looks less clear cut...

Game Of Thrones season 6: new poster teases Jon Snow's fate

Den Of Geek News
Nov 24, 2015

HBO's Game Of Thrones season 6 has entered production for a 2016 release. Now, we've got an ambiguous poster...

Westworld TV show: cast changes, new images

Rob Leane News
Jul 14, 2015

An update on all things Westworld - there's been some casting swaps, and a load of new pictures from the upcoming TV show...

Game Of Thrones, TV, and where's the line?

Simon Brew Feature
Jun 13, 2015

As Game Of Thrones continues to shock, does there come a point where the balance just seems to be a little off?

7 Days In Hell: trailer for Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington's tennis comedy

Rob Leane News
Jun 5, 2015

It's Andy Samberg versus Kit Harrington in TV tennis mockumentary 7 Days In Hell. Here's a new trailer...