Ubisoft announces Grow Home

Ryan Lambie Odd List Jan 23, 2015

From the makers of Child Of Light and Valiant Hearts comes Grow Home. Find out more about Ubisoft's announcement here...

First trailer for strategy platformer, Ronin

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jan 22, 2015

Looking for an action game with a hint of strategy? Then indie platformer Ronin may be worth a look...

Microsoft's Hololens teases possible Minecraft VR future

Ryan Lambie News Jan 22, 2015

As Microsoft formally unveils its VR headset, Hololens, it provides a glimpse of what an augmented-reality Minecraft could look like...

Ori And The Blind Forest: gameplay video and release date

Trailer Jan 20, 2015

Ethereal platformer Ori And The Blind Forest has a release date, and also a gameplay trailer to go with it...

Games nobody talks about anymore: arcade Ninja Gaiden

Ryan Lambie Feature Jan 24, 2015

Most people know Ninja Gaiden as the NES platform game or the hyper-violent modern series of brawlers. But what about the 1988 coin-op...?

Howard Scott Warshaw on creating E.T. and Atari: Game Over

Ryan Lambie Interview Jan 21, 2015

Legendary game designer Howard Scott Warshaw talks to us about creating the E.T. videogame in just five weeks, Atari's collapse, and more.

Battlefleet Gothic videogame adaptation announced

Ryan Lambie News Jan 19, 2015

Games Workshop's tabletop wargame Battlefleet Gothic is to become an RTS. Here are the first screenshots...

New Bloodborne trailer shows off combat

Aaron Birch Trailer Jan 19, 2015

A new gameplay teaser for Bloodborne has been released, and it looks at the controls and combat...

Rare NES game sells for over $35,000 on eBay

Ryan Lambie News Jan 16, 2015

A sealed copy of NES exercise game Stadium Events has sold on eBay for an eye-watering - and potentially record-breaking - $35,100...

Parks And Recreation board game hits Kickstarter

Ryan Lambie News Jan 16, 2015

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to bring The Cones Of Dunshire, the board game created by Parks And Recreation's Ben Wyatt, to the masses...