Xbox One backward compatibility hack is a hoax

News Aaron Birch 11 Dec 2013 - 06:03

Whatever you do, don't try this at home, or you could brick your Xbox One...

Recently, it was revealed that the Xbox One contains a hidden way to activate the developer kit mode of the unit, allowing anyone to develop titles for the platform. This is currently locked behind a 'Sandbox ID' code, and unless you're a registered developer, you're not allowed access.

The method to unlock this mode is easy enough, and there's nothing stopping users from trying to activate the mode by plugging away at the system. However, it was also found that this trick could effectively brick an Xbox One, sending it into a endless boot cycle. Microsoft issued an official statement warning users not to mess with these settings.

Well, for some reason, someone thought it would be funny to trick new Xbox One owners into believing that this hack could actually enable a so-called Xbox 360 backward compatibility mode, and a set of instructions has been doing the rounds online, which you can see below.

Under no circumstances should you attempt this as a) there's currently no such thing as an Xbox 360 backwards compatibility mode on the Xbox One, and b) it could brick your console. You have been warned.

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Anyone who tries it deserves to have their machine damaged. Why rush to buy an xbox one if all you want to do is play 360 games? Are they bored of the xbox one games already?

I don't know why 360 games shouldn't be playable on the Xbone, surely given the increased power an emulation mode is technically possible. Still prefer the ios 7 makes your iphone waterproof con for originality.

gamebeano snitch doesnt matter why but all consoles should have backwards compatability for those gems you want to keep playing and so you dont have to keep old consoles....its another way of ripping off gamers try rewarding them for all they DO spend instead

The main reason im not buying a new console is im still playing all my ps3 games

fair enough mate though I can see from their end that people are more likely to buy new titles if they cant load their old games on their new console. I wont be purchasing a PS4 or Xbox One any time soon, until the games aren't cutting it im happy stick with what ive got

Agree with you there no need at all to change yet


Batman Arkham Origins - GTA V

That's weird those weren't the instructions I got
1. Go to garage pick up Sledge hammer
2. Use Sledgehammer quickly
3. Carefully reassemble pieces (sticky back plastic and prit stick should do)
4. Tip remnants in bin and go buy a PS4.
It worked my PS4 is working a treat :)

I bought an xbox one to play xbox one games, you shouldn't spend $500 on a next gen console if you wanna play last gen games. Just keep you're xbox 360. SMDH :/

What Xbox One games?

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