Watch Dogs character trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
9 May 2014 - 18:03

Watch Dogs' new trailer introduces us to some of the important underworld faces in Chicago that you'll be rubbing shoulders with...

The wait for Ubisoft's highly anticipated open-world title, Watch Dogs, is almost over, and at the end of the month the game will finally arrive. It'll bring with it a sandbox city full of people with secrets to learn and exploit, and a system to fight using the vaunted hacking mechanics thanks to our hero, Aiden Pearce's technical expertise, and one hell of a useful mobile phone.

Aiden won't be alone, however, and in his missions he'll often run into other high profile underworld figures, which are shown in this latest trailer for the game. With a very Grand Theft Auto feel, the trailer reveals a collection of hackers, fixers and crime bosses, all of whom will no doubt be very important to Aiden's plans.

Watch Dogs will be released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 27, with the Wii U version following when ready.

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