Watch Dogs PC graphical trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
14 Apr 2014 - 05:14

Worried that Watch Dog's visuals might not cut it? If you own a PC, you don't need to panic...

There's been much online debate about the visual quality of Watch Dogs. Many believe that the game has been the victim of optimisation and downscaling since its first reveal at E3 a couple of years ago, with some trailers looking decidedly less impressive.

It's happened to other games, the most notable recent example being FromSoftware's Dark Souls II, which looks noticeably less impressive than its initial reveals. Ubisoft, however, is keen to point out that Watch Dogs still looks great, and the below trailer demonstrates the kind of visual fidelity PC gamers are in for.

The video demonstrates Ubisoft's use of some of the impressive Nvidia tech behind the scenes, and we think you'll agree, the PC incarnation of Watch Dogs looks seriously stunning, and it's a true demonstration of the PC superiority when it comes to sheer power.

Of course, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 use AMD tech, so the comparisons will no doubt erupt all over the Internet when the game arrives. No matter how good the console version looks, though, there's no doubting that the PC will have the most impressive visuals.

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