Watch Dogs six minute gameplay trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
14 May 2013 - 05:35

Ubisoft has released a six minute trailer featuring open world and stealth gameplay from the upcoming Watch Dogs...

Recently shown to the press, the impressive Watch Dogs is shaping up to be prime game of the year material, and if the game can come close to its lofty promises, it could be one of the few contenders to GTA V's inevitable award spree.

The mixture of sandbox action, hacking, stealth and gunplay is already making gamers drool with anticipation, and below you'll see why. Here's six minutes of the gameplay previously seen by the press. It shows protagonist, Aiden Pearce roam the city, infiltrate a CtOS compound with stealth, hacking and a bit of cover-based shooting, and eventually executing a speedy escape from the police.

Along the way the demo shows cool little touches like intelligent AI which reacts to Aiden's reputation, such has the shop keeper who alerts the police, and a little bit of private Wi-Fi hacking, as Aiden spies on a couple in their own home.

The footage in the demo is all freeplay, with no story missions, showing just how dynamic and rich the world will be. Random crimes can be stumbled upon (and intervened in should you wish), and the city is teaming with life ready to react to your antics.

Watch Dogs will be available on November 19 in the US on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC and next gen consoles, on November 22 in Europe.

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