Latest Game Viral Videos

New, official Sonic video features Shia LaBeouf

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Jul 15, 2015

The official Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube channel has released a unique new video featuring Shia LaBeouf. It's quite strange.

WH Smith's 1988 videogame promo vid is a thing of beauty

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Feb 24, 2015

Advertising the wealth of videogames on offer in 1988, WH Smith's promo video is 45 minutes of retro majesty...

Terrific Bioshock fan short film, Little Sister

Simon Brew Viral Video Jun 12, 2013

There's no Bioshock movie yet, but this short film is a real treat...

Sony explains how to share and trade games on the PS4

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Jun 11, 2013

Wondering how you'll be able to trade and share games on the PlayStation 4? Sony's instructional video explains all...

Lego Breaking Bad launch trailer

Aaron Birch Viral Video May 2, 2013

The boys from Breaking Bad get the construction toy treatment in this trailer for Lego Breaking Bad...

New XCOM teaser released?

Aaron Birch Viral Video Apr 22, 2013

A conspiracy-themed clip about Russia's recent meteor strike has surfaced online, but is it a sneaky teaser for XCOM?

Bethesda posts final teaser, announcement soon

Aaron Birch Viral Video Apr 19, 2013

Bethesda Softworks will soon break its cryptic silence, and has aired a third teaser for its new project...

Bethesda posts second teaser clip

Aaron Birch Viral Video Apr 18, 2013

Following yesterday's mysterious teaser, Bethesda has posted another cryptic clip...

Bethesda teases new project

Aaron Birch Viral Video Apr 17, 2013

A new project is under way at Bethesda, but it may not be an existing franchise...

Sonic The Hedgehog fan-made film airs on YouTube

Aaron Birch Viral Video Jan 11, 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog’s been getting the silver screen treatment, thanks to this impressive fan-film…