Vib-Ribbon to return?

News Aaron Birch
5 Sep 2014 - 05:56

A new trademark discovery points to the revival of the PSOne rhythm game, Vib-Ribbon...

It's been discovered over at Gematsu that Sony has recent filed a new trademark for the lovable rhythm game, Vib-Ribbon. The trademark was filed on September 3 and relates to “computer game software.”

Vib-Ribbon quickly became something of a cult-classic and came from the same team responsible for PaRappa The Rapper. It was a fairly basic game, requiring simple button presses in time with the music to make the central character, Vibri, avoid obstacles, but it was great fun. This was in part due to the game's ability to dynamically generate levels using any music CD you wished to use. The kind of music you used could drastically affect the challenge, and made for a truly innovative and unique rhythm game.

The new trademark filing for the title, which was originally released on PSOne back in 2000, could simply mean that the game will be added to the PSOne classics line on PSN, but it could also signal a new release for the game. The actual division of Sony to file for the trademark is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited.

We'll have to wait and see what emerges, but for now, have a look at the game in action.



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