Ubisoft's Uplay service hacked

News Aaron Birch
3 Jul 2013 - 06:41

User names and emails have been pilfered from Ubisoft's Uplay service, so it's time to change those logins again...

Revealed in an update on the Uplay forums, Ubisoft has confirmed that hackers have broken into its gaming service, Uplay, and have managed to steal user names and email addresses from its databases.

The information stolen doesn't contain any payment information, but Ubisoft is still urging users to change their login information, and also logins for other sites if you use the same details elsewhere.

"We recently found that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems," said the statement.

"We instantly took steps to close off this access, to begin a thorough investigation with relevant authorities, internal and external security experts, and to start restoring the integrity of any compromised systems.

"During this process, we learned that data was illegally accessed from our account database, including user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. No personal payment information is stored with Ubisoft, meaning your debit/credit card information was safe from this intrusion.

"As a result, we are recommending you to change your password,” which you can do via the link below.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we also recommend that you change your password on any other Web site or service where you use the same or a similar password."

This isn't the first time Uplay has been hacked, and around a year ago a similar attack was launched against the service. This incident revealed a dangerous back door, which could allegedly expose PC files and launch other applications.

Now that another major flaw has been found in the security of Uplay, punters will no doubt question the overall safety of the service, meaning that Ubisoft really needs to crack down on its system security.

Ubisoft Uplay logon update

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