New Unreal Tournament is coming

News Aaron Birch
9 May 2014 - 18:30

A new Unreal Tournament is coming, and it'll not only be free, but it'll be created for and by the fans...

Epic Games has announced details of the new Unreal Tournament, which was promised earlier this week. The announcement is very interesting, and details a new Unreal Tournament that’ll be developed in a very different way from the norm.

Epic has assigned a small number of UT developers to the project, and they've now started working on the game. However, this is no closed development, and the whole project is going to be developed out in the open, with a major focus on fan participation, and code made available to developers via GitHub. Every decision made about the game will be done so in a collaboration between Epic, the Unreal Engine 4 team and fans of UT. This will be handled using a combination of forums and Twitch streams.

All you need to do to get involved is register for a free account and hit the discussion forum (link below). Here you'll be able to share your opinion and ideas for the new game, and help shape the future of the long dormant, classic arena FPS.

Epic has pointed out that the game will take a while to develop, and it'll be months before any playable code will be ready. However, when the game is finished, it'll be free. By this, Epic means totally free, not free-to-play with microtransactions locking content behind a pay wall. Instead, money will be made via a new marketplace where modders will be able to give away or sell user-created content for the title, and profits from such transactions will be divided between the modder and Epic. This will be how Epic pays for the title's development.

It's a very interesting idea, and even if you don't get involved in the creative process, you've still got a brand new, Unreal Engine 4-powered version of UT coming, for free, which is simply great. What's more, with fans of the series able to chip in and help, this could turn out to be the best UT yet. It'll have to go some way to beat UT2004, though. The game developmend will focus on PC and Mac, including Linux.

Official Ureal wiki

Unreal registration

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