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Doom: new trailers show off single-player and multiplayer

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jun 15, 2015

Death metal simulator Doom got a grand unveiling at E3. Here's a generous helping of footage from its single-player and multiplayer modes...

10 80s film scenes as seen in their tie-in videogames

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jun 2, 2015

What did Ripley's fight with the alien queen look like in the arcades? Or Arnie's confrontation with an 8-bit Predator? Ryan takes a look...

10 things you didn't know about Nintendo's Kirby

Jason Gallagher Top 10 Feb 24, 2015

Kirby has had a long, interesting life as Nintendo's favorite little pink hero. Here's a look back at the character's strange history...

10 promising indie videogames at EGX

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Sep 29, 2014

Aside from all the AAA videogames on the horizon, there are also these indie gems to look forward to...

10 stupid Flash videogames for girls

Jenny Morrill Top 10 Jun 24, 2014

Jenny goes hunting for Flash games at girls. She does not always like what she finds.

10 remarkable things about Tetris

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Jun 9, 2014

The classic Tetris turns 30. Ryan shares a few remarkable things about the legendary videogame...

Why indie videogaming is so important

Simon Gilbert Top 10 Jun 3, 2014

What indie videogames lack in technical polish, they make up for with imagination. Simon explains why they're so important...

10 annoying things people do while playing FIFA online

Andrew Blair Top 10 Oct 4, 2013

Pausing the game for no reason. Quitting after 30 seconds. Just some of the annoying things people do in an online game of FIFA soccer...

10 unique videogames from the Cold War

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Sep 17, 2013

What can videogames tell us about the volatile east-west relations in the 1980s? Ryan takes a look at 10 unique titles from the Cold War...

10 of the internet's dodgiest fake videogame cartridges

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Sep 5, 2013

Fake retro videogame cartridges are a common sight on the net, and some of them are really, really strange. Take a look at these...