New Titanfall DLC video shows off Swamplands map

Trailer Ryan Lambie
9 May 2014 - 14:21

EA shows off one of the maps in its forthcoming Expeditions DLC for Titanfall. Here’s a look at Swamplands...

Released earlier this year, EA and Respawn’s Titanfall promised lots of giant mechs, shooting and next-gen multiplayer action, and that’s precisely what we got: a shooter which served up a superbly judged mix of fast-paced on-foot gameplay and weighty, explosive action while you’re strapped into one of those hulking mechas.

Although Titanfall came out just over a month ago, it’s by no means the end of the game’s production. Titanfall’s Expedition DLC will make its debut this month, and will add three additional maps to the game - Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames. Both Runoff and Swamplands will feature ancient archaic technology, and will provide a dank battleground for warring players, full of trees to hide behind and dash between. As EA puts it on Titanfall’s website:

“In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat. On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base. When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artifacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site.”

Wargames, meanwhile, will provide be set in Titanfall’s training simulator: “To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra.”

The new video below gives us a proper look at the Swamplands map, and also provides an insight into how Respawn designed its layout and gradually add in layers of detail.

Titanfall: Expedition is due for release at the end of May. You can find out more on Titanfall’s official website.

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