Thief gameplay demo

Trailer Aaron Birch
19 Jun 2013 - 07:43

Want to see a demo of Thief in action? Then click here and have a look...

Thief is quickly becoming one of next year's most anticipated titles, and the re-imaging of the classic series will hopefully be an essential purchase for those who prefer their action a little more stealthy and cerebral.

Details of the game have been released, and below you'll find a 30 minute PS4 demo and interview, courtesy of Sony. This E3 walkthrough shows off plenty of in game action, demonstrating Garrett's various abilities, including pickpocketing, stealth take downs, swooping from shadow to shadow and using his array of special arrow heads to deal with various situations.

In the interview following the demo, Game producer, Stefan Roy, points out that the game is a reworking of the series, and knowledge of the previous games isn't necessary to enjoy this next gen outing. However, the game will retain plenty of classic Thief mechanics, and new additions such as the Focus mode are optional, so purists of the series can skip the power entirely.

Thief is due to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year, so for now, have a look at the demo below.

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