New Thief details emerge

News Aaron Birch
18 Jun 2013 - 07:43

Some information about the upcoming stealth title, Thief, have surfaced online...

Long dormant stealth franchise, Thief, is returning to our screens on next gen consoles and PC next year, and we already know that the game is looking promising. Much to Thief fans' delight, It'll keep the original feel of the previous games whilst injecting all-important next gen tech.

Some new details from E3 about actual game features has been made available online via the Eidos forum, and it reveals that the game will stay true to its roots, and not get too caught up in following trends set by recent titles.

Most importantly for fans of the original titles, the game won't make use of now-staple regenerating health or power. Instead Thief's health and focus won't magically regrow, and Garrett will need to make use restorative items, as in the original trilogy.

Other features revealed in the information include the existence of dogs in the game, which will presumably be more difficult to hide from than humans, and a new climbing tool called the Claw, which will let Garrett reach otherwise inaccessible places, and save himself from potentially fatal falls.

The focus ability will alter Garrett's skills in some situations, such as being able to see through locks to make lock picking easier, and you can complete every mission stealthily, without being detected or even coming into contact with an enemy.

The stealth system will also be enhanced by a new AI system, including much better line-of-sight detection. This time, guards will have real line of sight, instead of detection simply being triggered if they're turned towards you. For example, in an example from the forum post, if a guard is talking to another, who's stood in front of him, his vision will be obscured.

Other confirmed additions will include a user-customisable HUD, the ability to steal from anywhere in the game world, a bevy of secrets and the inclusion of XP for Garrett, presumably to learn or level up his skills.

You can see the full post via the link below.

Thief will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC during 2014.

Eidos forum

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