The Order 1886 trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
19 Feb 2014 - 06:17

PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886 has a new trailer, and it's a tense scene-setter for the upcoming shooter...

Cover shooter and import lager sound alike, The Order 1886 is looking more and more like Gears of War for the PlayStation, but there's no denying that it's also looking very tasty indeed. The latest trailer for the game focuses on the titular Order and its place in history, defending humanity from all manner of threats.

Fusing 1800s period London with various advanced technologies for the time, such as air ships, powerful weapons and communication devices, the game is set in a reality where only a few stand against forces that could easily wipe out mankind. It's kind of like Hellboy, only without big, red demons and fish men.

Have a look at the trailer below, and get ready for the game, which is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 later this year.

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