The Last Of Us for PS4?

News Aaron Birch 3 Jan 2014 - 03:10

Naughty Dog may be working on a PS4 Uncharted, but could The Last of Us be migrated to PS4?

Although it's by no means a certainty, it would appear there's a small chance that 2013 PS3 hit, The Last of Us, could be released on PS4. In a community Q&A session on the European PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog's community manager, Eric Monacelli, fielded questions, including those about a possible PS4 version of The Last of Us.

When asked if those who have moved over to PS4, missing out on PS3 may be able to play The critically acclaimed title, Monacelli replied, “We’re just getting our Naughty Dog engine up and running on PS4 as we work on the next UNCHARTED project. We will see what the future brings! :).”

Of course, it's no admission that the game will arrive on the latest Sony console, and as the two consoles are architecturally totally different, a large-scale reworking would be required, but it's true there's a whole new consumer base who'd like to play the game on PS4, so who knows? GOTY edition maybe? Square Enix has done it with Tomb Raider...

The new DLC for the game, The Last of US: Left Behind, will be available soon, and stars Ellie as the main playable character. It's going to depict events before she met Joel, and is attending a boarding school. She teams up with Riley Abel, one of her closest friends in the Boston quarantine zone.

Also in the blog post, Naughty Dog thanked gamers for their support, and posted a new The Last of Us Music video, which you can see below.

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There are millions of gamers who have not experienced The Last Of Us. It is one of the best games ever made and will go down in history as a true classic. A milestone for others to follow. Naught Dog have a duty to port it to PS4 and bring it to a wider audience, creating a definitive HD collectors edition. Ellie has a very strong personality. A character that you truly care about and develop a strong bond. Her story is both beautiful and harrowing. The game is so good you can play it over and over like a classic movie. A PS4 port is needed for the same reasons that classic movies get remastered on Bluray.

The last of us is a great story, but a ok game.

I got this game, it was ok, can't understand the hype though, I have played far better.

I don't get all these "good story but only ok-ish gameplay" comments. The gameplay is sensational, as evidenced by the brilliant multiplayer. It is one of the only stealth/action games where all the various approaches to combat seem like viable options and you really have to think on your feet to get past the encounters. There is a risk/reward component to all your available skills which keeps the gameplay incredibly tight and focused. I appreciate that it does start out slowly, and some of the early encounters are very desperate as you are a tad under-equipped, but once you expand your toolset and get used to the mechanics (which by the way work brilliantly. I.e my characters always did what I wanted them to do from my controller inputs) the game is a dream. And those early desperate encounters are a key part of world and character building. And then, 3/4 way through the game, it pulls it's' wildcard and in one of the greatest and most intense gaming sequences I have ever experienced, it takes those tools away from you. This game has overtaken Resident Evil 4 as my all time favourite.

Good story, poor gameplay is the hallmark of Naughty Dog games. Shouldn't have come as a surprise, the Uncharted games have always ben this way. Thoroughly enjoyable, but with uninspiring gameplay.

I'd seriously pay up to $100 for a goty edition. (Have a PS4. Didn't have a PS3, etc etc) They should seriously consider rereleasing it for PS4 like Square Enix is doing with Tomb Raider.

I totally agree with everything you said. The gameplay is superb. Far more realistic than the usual run and gun with almost limitless ammo. You're forced to try out different options because that is all you have available when you run out of bullets.

There's actually a lot of comedy in there as well when big fat Bill charges in like a bull in a China shop with big noisy feet blowing all your careful stealth work. Some players wrongly thought that was bad AI, but it's his personality. They made him a hot headed wild card to add comedy. The arguments between him and Ellie are hilarious. They are poles apart and hate each other …lol

Im in the same boat as you but unfortunately its not gonna be nearly as easy as for tomb raider. Did you see how much better last of us looked than tomb raider on ps3? Tomb raider is a multiplatform made on pc (and ps4) architecture then ported to each console, last of us was specifically made for ps3.. porting is going to take much much longer

I loved the Xbox 360 and was a hardcore Microsoft fan for the last 2 years but after they release the XBone i jumped off the train as fast as possible. I don't want the Kinect Microsoft, plus it doesn't even work. Also they screwed up the controllers, the 360's were perfect. With that being said everything about the PS4 is superior when it comes to gaming, (i don't need to watch TV from my console). Getting to the point, I heard my friends talk about how this was one of the best games they have ever played, or even the best game they have ever played. They said it was up there with Bioshock, Red Dead, Uncharted, but like no other game they have ever played before. Now that i see Sony is the clear cut console to go with, I ordered one and would love to see this game on the PS4 as I made the switch from Microsoft to Sony and don't have a PS3. If this game doesn't port, it would be really sad never to get the opportunity to play this game

I want them to put the last of us on the ps4 and the xbox one so the graphics can be real and the gameplay can be better than current gen

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