The Elder Scrolls Online QuakeCon gameplay

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5 Aug 2013 - 12:34

Bethesda demonstrated a large chunk of actual Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay at QuakeCon this year, and you can see it here...

Bethesda's quest to take The Elder Scrolls series into the MMORPG world is shaping up nicely, and plenty of actual gameplay was demonstrated at QuakeCon during a live reveal.

The demonstration showcased a glut of features, showing off the game's version of the Morrowind region of Tamriel, character creation, combat, skill trees and the MMO functions. Dungeon crawling with friends was also shown, and at all times the gameplay was purely rooted in familiar Elder Scrolls territory.

First-person is once again the primary viewpoint, but third-person is also offered for those that prefer that heightened awareness of surroundings at the sacrifice of greater immersion. In both views, however, combat is real time, just like the single player outings, and characters can use all types of weapons, magic and equipment, regardless of starting class.

AI has new 'pack behaviour', which means fights will be much larger scale than in normal, solo Elder Scrolls where you'll usually fight two or three enemies at a time in most situations. Combat is also faster paced to bring the series more in line with other MMOs, and a focus on party play obviously requires some alterations from the series' existing formula, such as instanced loot drops for each player (to avoid fights over dropped items), and larger, more open dungeons to accommodate more players.

Although its not slated for release until next year, The Elder Scroll Online is looking pretty good already, and is certainly attempting to keep the series' feel without sacrificing the depth we've come to expect.

You can see the full gameplay demo below (via IGN), and you can still sign up for beta access by visiting the official site (link below).

The Elder Scrolls Online

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