The Dark Sorcerer PS4 tech demo

Trailer Aaron Birch
17 Jun 2013 - 10:04

One of the most impressive videos from E3 wasn't for a game, but instead a tech demo for the PS4...

Created by Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream, The Dark Sorcerer is a comedy tech demo for the PlayStation 4, and stars actor, David Gant, as the lead role in a video shoot for a fictional fantasy video game.

The video, which is running in real time on the PS4, showcases a collection of impressive visual effects, not to mention some truly staggering facial and character animation. It's a clear indication of the graphical muscle Sony's new console possesses, and it pretty funny to boot.

Although it's simply tech demo for the PS4 at this stage, it's uncertain of the video will develop into something more, but regardless, it's well worth a watch. So, if you missed it at E3, have a look below.

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