Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure gets a trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
12 Jul 2013 - 06:09

The successful Kickstarter project for the revival of the Tex Murphy series has a trailer, and here it is...

The Tex Murphy adventure games have a large cult following and the mixture of live FMV and 3D rendered environments made for some unique sleuthing with a big dose of comedy for good measure. The series has lay dormant for years with the last game, Overseer, releasing in 1998, but it's set to return in Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, following its successful Kickstarter project, where it was previously titled Project Fedora.

The game will bring original Tex Murphy star and game designer, Chris Jones, back to the screen, this time using the latest tech to enhance Murphy's universe, which is set in a rather dystopian, post apocalyptic San Francisco, a place also populated by mutants.

The new game looks like it could be Tex's biggest case yet, as he delves into the ancient war bestrewn heaven and hell. Is it really over? Tex will have to find out, and presumably bungle his way towards saving the world once again.

Big Finish Games, the company behind the title stated, “Building on a history of over 20 years of pioneering game design, Tesla Effect is set to redefine expectations of what is possible in a game. By taking full advantage of technological advancements in both gaming and film production, Tesla Effect will deliver a truly cinematic gaming experience that will leave you speechless.”

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is currently slated for release this autumn/fall, so for now, give the trailer a look.

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