Super Retro Trio announced

News Aaron Birch
1 May 2013 - 08:39

A new three-in-one retro console is on the way, and embraces the best of 8 and 16-bit...

Although it may not offer the sheer variety of retro console formats as the home-made Project Unity, or the previously announced ReroN 5, the next commercial release from Innex should make retro gamers happy nontheless.

The Super Retro Trio is to be launched in the summer, and will be capable of playing NES, SNES and Mega Drive (Genesis) carts. Alongside this, a special adapter (that resembles a SNES cart) will also allow the unit to play Game Boy Advance titles.

The main console boasts three cartridge slots, six joypad connectors (two per format), S-Video, standard AV and comes with a couple of 16-bit controllers.

The main unit will cost $69.99, and the adapter $39.99. However, a bundle pack consisting of the two units will be available for $89.99. The Super Retro Tro is set to be shown off at this year's E3 in June.

With three of the biggest 80s and 90s consoles packed in a single unit, and an optional portable inclusion, the Super Retro Trio is a great way to revisit classic titles without the need for three consoles taking up space, and you'll be able to keep your beloved original units safe and sound, whilst still being able to play to your heart's content.

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