Strike Vector brings new twist to old school shooting

Trailer Aaron Birch
4 Jul 2013 - 07:27

Indie title, Strike Vector, is set to reignite Quake and UT-era action, only with a jet-propelled twist...

Currently campaigning for votes on Steam's Greenlight, Strike Vector is one of the most interesting upcoming indie titles doing the rounds, and warrants the attention of any action shooter fan, especially if you hail from the heady days of Unreal Tournament and Quake.

Created by a team of four experienced developers, hailing from such studios as Quantic Dream, Sony Liverpool, Dontnod and Evolution, the game is a multiplayer dogfight-style shooter that features high-speed, air-to-air blasting.

The below trailer shows exactly what we're in for, and it takes the traditional on-foot multiplayer formula, straps players into powerful, manoeuvrable craft, and lets you have at it in complex, treacherous arenas.

Ships will feature custom load outs, cockpit and external views, and from the looks of it, maps will feature all sorts of obstacles and match-changing events.

It's looking very tasty so far, and if you like the look of the game, you can go and vote for it on Steam' Greenlight (link below).

Steam Greenlight

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