Web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist gets a poster

Poster Ryan Lambie 3 Jan 2014 - 07:42

There's a web series based on Capcom's Street Fighter games coming out this year. Here's a handsome poster to remind us...

Capcom's hit videogame series Street Fighter hasn't exactly had the most classy track record on the silver screen. The 1994 film, which starred Jead-Claude Van Damme in his action star pomp alongside Kylie Minogue and Raul Julia, was the kind of amiably daft film we always seem to find while sleepily flicking through the TV channels after the pub's closed. The 2009 film Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li wasn't terribly good, but it did have the benefit of having Michael Clarke Duncan in the role of Balrog.

The web series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, although very much a low-budget labour of love, promises to do a better job of rendering the games' characters in flesh-and-blood form. It arrives on the back of the success of Street Fighter: Legacy, a short fan film made by Joey Ansah and Owen Trevor, which appeared on YouTube about three years ago, and quickly impressed Capcom enough to give their blessing for an officially-backed series.

The same directors have gone on to create the new web series, which will follow the early years of fighting heroes Ryu and Ken. Reportedly sold to "a major global online channel", Assassin's Fist is due to appear online at some point this year.

The poster below looks mean and moody, and if you've never seen the original Street Fighter: Legacy short, then you can find it attached beneath these words as well. 

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I would play the clip, but nothing will be better than the look on He-Man's face in the opening frame.

Good fan film. They obviously get it. It's about the fighting, sure Hollywood can get some buff guy like Channing Tatum as ken or guile, or anybody on earth bigger than that guy as Ryu, but they'll never get it right. Ryu is the main character, as he should be, not guile, not chun li. So until we can get iko uwais and Matt Damon, this'll do

It was "good" until near the end. You make a kick in order to hit someone, not to look pretty. ¿Why are they kicking the air?

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