Sony court settlement could mean more freebies for US users

News Aaron Birch
24 Jul 2014 - 19:36

The aftermath of the 2011 hack of PSN isn't over for Sony just yet, and a new court ruling in the US could give people more compensation...

After the high profile hacking of PSN back in 2011, Sony attempted to compensate PSN subscribers with free games, and received a £250K fine from the UK Information Commissioners Office, but that may not be all the firm gives out, with a new compensation settlement nearly being reached in the US.

The class action lawsuit, which is dealing with the loss of data belonging to around 77 million users, is currently going through more legal wrangling, and it could add even more compensation measures to hose already offered.

As to be expected, the details of the case are mired in all sorts of complex legalities, but the basics of the proposed settlement are as follows:

Any claimants who were active PSN members at the time, who didn't receive any compensation via the already distributed 'Welcome Back' campaign will be able to pick two of three compensation options. The available offers will include a free PS3 or PSP game, PS3 themes, or three months of PS Plus. These options are to be provided in a first come, first served system. Once the cost of the compensation has reached $6 million, this deal will be suspended, and anyone left will be given PS Plus access free for a month.

Claimants who already received free games via the Welcome Back offer will still be entitled to further recompense, and will be able to pick one, not two of the available options. This portion of the settlement will be limited $4 million, and also offers a month's free PS Plus to anyone who missed out on it.

If users with an active PSN account at the time lost PlayStation Store credit above $2, this money will be returned.

Netflix or Hulu Plus subscribers unable to access their accounts will be able to claim three months free PS Plus.

Finally, if you were the victim of identity theft as a result of the hack, and can prove as such, you'll be eligible for up to $2,500.

At the moment, all of this is preliminary, as the settlement is yet to be approved and finalised. The website where people can sign up as affected by the hack is also in a state of flux. When e tired it, it fluctuated between partially loaded and not available at all. The link is below, if you're curious. You'll also find a link to the actual settlement offer.

There's no information on which games are going to be offered to claimants, and until similar cases are raised in other regions, this is all limited to US PSN users.

PSN Settlement registration

Settlement offer

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