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18 Aug 2014 - 05:11
Come on Sega! Where’s Shenmue 3?

Sega may not be all that keen on resurrecting Shenmue, but a hardcore fan is taking matters into his own hands...

Despite dividing gamer opinion, Yu Suzuki's real world, martial arts RPG, Shenmue, has become a cult classic, and one that's been heralded as one of the most impressive and ambitious titles ever made. It's also a game that's never had a proper end, with only two chapters of the series being finished in game form. With the death of the Dreamcast, and poor sales of the second game on Xbox, there's been no solid sign of the series making any kind of return to our screens, save for various rumours, until now. Well, possibly.

Korean Shenmue fan, NoconKid, has set to work retracing the original game in lush HD, and his progress can be seen in the below video. So far, NoconKid has managed to reproduce a good deal of the shopping district area of Dobuita, complete with an impressive revamp of the arcade. He's even got a HD Ryo strutting his stuff down the street. It looks great, and gives the game a lick of modern paint.

It's very early days, and NoconKid has said that this will take a very long time, and that's if Sega doesn't step in and interfere, but so far it's looking very impressive, and as a fan of the series, I'd certainly like the chance to replay the game in remastered form.

Have a look at the clip below, as well as some shots of the remaster, and visit the site for more. Also, check out the 90 minute movie, which is made using scenes and fights from the original game. This was actually shown in some Japanese theatres, and was included with the Xbox version of Shenmue II. If you've not played Shenmue yet, spoilers, obviously.

Shenmue HD

Shenmue: The Movie

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