Shadow Of The Eternals announced

Trailer Aaron Birch
4 May 2013 - 07:10

Crowdfunding for Eternal Darkness sequel, Shadow of the Eternals, is soon to begin, and here's the trailer...

Eternal Darkness is often seen as one of the best games on the Nintendo GameCube, and is a bonafide cult classic. The surreal twist on survival horror was a blissfully shocking adventure that didn't solely rely on simple monster closet scares or traditional horror tropes, but broke the forth wall in order to hit gamers it really hurt, their save games.

Eternal Darkness would throw in fake save game corruption, game crashes and glitches, along with other random events and traditional frights to scare and confuse the player, all the time telling a multi-faceted horror tale with multiple characters. It was a triumph, and now the team behind it is going to begin crowdfunding for the sequel, Shadow of the Eternals.

IGN has posted the announcement trailer, which you can see below, and some details about the game have been released.

The title will be developed for Wii U and PC and will see detective, Paul Becker, investigate a conflict between two rival Louisiana cults. As with Eternal Darkness, the game will not limit itself to a single protagonist or setting, but will include multiple characters and will span around 2,500 years, taking in locales from around the globe.

Precursor games talked to IGN about the title, and said it was impressed with the huge interest in the title's resurrection.

The crowdfunding project is due to begin on May 6, and the goal will be to amass $1.5 million, with extra funding allowing more chapters, characters and other content.


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