Next Xbox to get Respawn exclusive?

News Aaron Birch
30 Apr 2013 - 05:22

Rumours are suggesting Respawn's debut project will be available as an Xbox exclusive...

Respawn Entertainment, the new company founded by the original creators of Call of Duty, has been working on a new, as yet unknown title for a while now, so secret it's even missed out on big industry expos such as E3.

Some news has surfaced, though, and according to sources at Kotaku, the new game will be exclusive to the next gen Xbox, with a possible release on the Xbox 360.

Sources also provide some actual details of the title, and say that the game will be a futuristic FPS that will include various infantry units and 'Titans', robot mech suits these soldiers can pilot. Reports indicate Respawn trademarked the word Titan, which would back up the rumour, and possibly hint at part of the game's eventual title.

The game is reported to be running on a heavily modified version of Valve's Source, and is going to be very multiplayer-focused, even to the point where it's required to be always online, which begs the question, will it have any solo component at all? Sources for Kotaku say that this may be unlikely, and aside from possible bot matches, a campaign inclusion isn't guaranteed.


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