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Trailer Aaron Birch
3 May 2013 - 09:22

A new information-packed trailer for Remember Me has been released, and here it is...

Capcom's upcoming Remember Me is going to be a very unique experience, focusing on the human memory, or more specifically, stealing and remixing it.

As Nilin, the game's amnesia-afflicted protagonist, players will embark on a mission to restore her lost memories, all the time fighting against the Memorize corporation, which has developed technology that allows people to record and upload their own memories for others to see. This means the company knows the darkest secrets of almost everyone in the world, and Nilin is part of a resistance group fighting against them.

Nilin's ability to steal memories will be used in a number of ways, from knocking people out in combat (by overloading their memories), to viewing and even changing a person's perception of the past.

After viewing a whole memory, played back in 3D, Nilin can change small details of what the person remembers, which will rewrite the past in their mind. For example, as seen in the trailer below, Nilin forces a man to commit suicide after she makes him believe he killed his partner, which in reality, he didn't.

It's a very interesting game dynamic, and the amnesia element of Nilin's story also makes learning new skills seem a little more reasonable than most titles, as she remembers new abilities as she progresses, as well as parts of her past as she meets familiar faces.

The combat system will also be customisable, and you can string together your own moves and combos, with more options being learned as Nilin remembers more about her past.

Remember Me will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 4 in the US and June 6 in Europe.

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