Rambo: The Video Game trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch 13 Jan 2014 - 04:06

A trailer for the delayed Rambo game has been released, and it shows classic action movie-themed blood-letting...

It was originally slated for a release at the end of last year, but didn't make it to market. Now a new trailer for the Rambo game, developed by Teyon, has been released, which you can see below.

The game will focus on action from the first three Rambo movies, and mixes in FPS shooting with third person action and melee knifing, and it'll also feature his signature bow and arrow. Now, lets be truthful here, the trailer isn't the most impressive display, in fact it's pretty ugly. It does looks better than previous reveals, though, so it's a definite improvement since we last saw it. We'll just have to see if it plays better than it looks.

Reef Entertainment is publishing the game, and it should arrive in Q1 this year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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This looks diabolically bad, the animations made me want to throw up

Looks awful. They should have stuck to the trailer just showing FPS bits as Rambo looks terrible.

Coming soon to PS2 and Dreamcast, in full 320P

I'm lost for words..

Aw! I was hoping for a Rambo themed classic point and click puzzle adventure! :(

"You can make a bad model look good with good animation, but you can't make a bad animation good with a good model."

I'll stick with...

You beat me to it! I spent hours playing playing this. The Speccy version of the Rambo soundtrack is stunning!

Oh dear...

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