PS4 beats Xbox One in fastest selling race

News Aaron Birch 3 Dec 2013 - 03:04

Sony's next gen unit has beaten its Microsoft rival to the fastest selling UK console accolade...

Although the Xbox One may have emerged as the victor at various Black Friday sales, including Walmart and Target, Sony has successfully claimed the crown as the fastest selling console in UK history, beating the Xbox One.

Official chart-keeping body, Chart-Track confirmed that the PS4 has broken records set by the PSP (180k in the first week), and also the numbers done by the Xbox One (150k units in the first week). According to latest figures, the PS4 has sold over 250k units in 48 hours. That's very, very impressive, clearly painting the picture that, at this early stage at least, Sony is set to dominate the next gen. Of course, things change.

When it comes to games, currently Call of Duty: Ghosts has taken the top spot in the multi format charts, thanks to the arrival of the PS4, knocking FIFA 14 off the top spot, taking place next to Battlefield 4. It should be noted, however, that Battlefield 4 has beaten Call of Duty to the top spot in he PS4 charts, at number three, whilst CoD takes fourth place.

Sony's exclusives aren't faring quite as well, with Killzone sitting in fourth place in the multi format chart (the best selling PS4 exclusive, and the PS4's number one title), and the poorly received Knack all the way down at 14. The Xbox One's big hitters, Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 currently sit at 15 and 18 respectively.

Just a couple of days adrift from the launch, things are looking good for Sony's PS4, and there are still plenty of people trying to actually find one, due to stock shortages. If Sony had planned better, and had more stock, the record may well have been even more impressive. Now that both consoles are out in the wild, though, expect even more fierce competition to ensue.

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When the PS4 launch sales, from North America alone, matched Xbox one launch sales, from 13 global markets, it was a good indication of how things were going to go.

Oddly about the last place to get the PS4 will be Japan - won't come here until February (I guess because Christmas isn't such a big deal here so it made more sense to have the units available in other markets, plus kids get money for New Year here just in time for February). Anyway, expect another big sales boost in Feb.

It's also had the most hardware failures

not true the PS4 had less than 1% failure rating while microsoft still has not announced it's failure rate which studies show to be around 50% based on surveys and complaints issued. Also 90% of faulty PS4's were shipped to their user so it seems the packaging and handling is the real culprit.

Good god, are these 'my dick's bigger than yours' battles still going on? Move on folks, both sold well. The next gen games industry is going to be healthy. Be grateful.

$500 is not as attractive of a price as $400.

They also claimed their Japanese-specific games wouldn't be ready until Feb, so held off until then.

That was because of the limited amount of X1's available at launch not because they couldn't have sold over 1 million in North America alone. They are both good consoles so everyone who purchases one should be happy. I started with the X1 because they had games I wanted to play plus xbox live is in my opinion a better service and I play mostly multiplayer games. I'll get a PS4 once some exclusives that interest me come out.

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