Project Beast footage leaked

News Aaron Birch
30 May 2014 - 17:27

Does this footage belong to the next Souls game From Software is working on? Have a look...

Recently, rumours and supposed images of a game currently in development by Demon's and Dark Souls creator, From Software, surfaced online. Codenamed Project Beast, and apparently being worked on with Sony as an exclusive title for PS4, the images for the game bore a remarkable similarity to the Souls series.

Well, if you're a Souls fan, get ready to drool, as alleged gameplay footage has now been leaked, and it looks for all intents and purposes like another Souls game, and it looks pretty damn tasty too.

Of course, this is by no means official, and we should all take this with a little bit of salt, as always with such leaks and rumours. However, unless this is a superbly crafted hoax, this does indeed look like a Souls title, complete with familiar combat mechanics, animations, fog gates, and giant bosses.

Have a look for yourself and see what you think. With a little luck, E3 2014 will shed some more light on the game, if it exists, so let the speculation run rampant.

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