Sony to launch streaming gaming service

News Aaron Birch
8 Jan 2014 - 04:38

A new service to be launched by Sony will allow PS3 games to be played without a console...

Called PlayStation Now, a new service from Sony promises to allow gamers to play PS3 titles without actually owning a PS3, or a console of any kind. The new project, which is set to launch in the US in beta form at the end of January, will be able to stream games directly so US models of Sony's Bravia TV line, and Sony is planning to roll out he service to non-Sony models in time.

It'll also be available via Sony's consoles, of course, including the PS3, PS4 and Vita, and it'll work like many other gaming services. Players can either rent the game they want to play, or they can subscribe to a service package. The service will even support multiplayer and trophies.

Announced at CES 2014 by group CEO, Andrew House, PlayStation Now will give Sony access to a potential hue new market of non-console owning users.

It's not clear if this project has anything to do with the recent patent filing for game emulation, but if it takes off in the US, and rolls out to non-Sony TVs, this could be a very interesting service. If it stays on track, it should arrive in the US proper in the summer.

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