Sony explains how to share and trade games on the PS4

Viral Video Ryan Lambie
11 Jun 2013 - 10:16

Wondering how you'll be able to trade and share games on the PlayStation 4? Sony's instructional video explains all...

The quality of the games on display at yesterday's E3 may have helped a bit, but the controversy surrounding certain aspects of Microsoft's Xbox One still remain - specifically, the limitations placed on trading and sharing games with friends.  In the wake of Microsoft's announcement that games can be shared with up to members, that it can only be lent to a friend once and for a maximum of 30 days, and that publishers will be setting their own restrictions on selling on used games, we've all been quietly wondering what sort of restrictions Sony will set on its PlayStation 4.

As it turns out, Sony has cannily sidestepped any such controversy, and the PS4, it's announced, will allow the free sharing and trading of games on disc without restriction. This news was illustrated in a brief yet amusing (and oddly charming) information video from Sony, which apparently explains everything you need to know about sharing games on the PS4...

You can read lots more about the PS4's pricing and policies right here.

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