Sony explains how to share and trade games on the PS4

Viral Video Ryan Lambie 11 Jun 2013 - 10:16

Wondering how you'll be able to trade and share games on the PlayStation 4? Sony's instructional video explains all...

The quality of the games on display at yesterday's E3 may have helped a bit, but the controversy surrounding certain aspects of Microsoft's Xbox One still remain - specifically, the limitations placed on trading and sharing games with friends.  In the wake of Microsoft's announcement that games can be shared with up to members, that it can only be lent to a friend once and for a maximum of 30 days, and that publishers will be setting their own restrictions on selling on used games, we've all been quietly wondering what sort of restrictions Sony will set on its PlayStation 4.

As it turns out, Sony has cannily sidestepped any such controversy, and the PS4, it's announced, will allow the free sharing and trading of games on disc without restriction. This news was illustrated in a brief yet amusing (and oddly charming) information video from Sony, which apparently explains everything you need to know about sharing games on the PS4...

You can read lots more about the PS4's pricing and policies right here.

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Well played Sony, well played.

Well that's it for me. After being a xbox & 360 player for years, my next console purchase will be a PS4 (but only when the price has come down). Despite all the game sharing shenanigans, I may have stuck with MS if the one could play 360 games. As it can't, then I might as well switch platforms. Bye Bye MS, you've only yourselves to blame.

That was hilarious. Well played, indeed.

This is E3 2013.

I've been playing on the 360 for 4 years and always been happy with the games and the system in general. Was excited as hell to see the Xbox One revealed, what a mess...wait till E3 they said....still a mess.
Fact is PS4 has already won this race unless MS are going to take back the Xbone One and start again. They've left the gamers to one side and concentrated on what they do best, trying to make the most money (and this case will be a major fail)

I just loved the so-called 'industry experts' simply flailing around after the PS4 presentation, trying not to admit they got it very very wrong. After the XBone session earlier in the day, the were going:

'See you nerd ragers - nothing to worry about! MS have shown the good stuff with the games so stop moaning about the DRM, connection/used games things and the price because Sony will only do the same thing later *snort**snort**snort**snort*'

A few short hours later after the Sony session:

'............................................................... oh ........................... ummmm .................yeah well the games might not be as good as the ........... erm ............ XBone *cough*'

I've been reading things all day about the Xbox exclusives looking better and I just don't see it. Another Halo=who cares. Another Gears=same thing. Ryse=Quick time event mess. They had nothing but shooters except for Project Spark and the one other indie game they showed for a second. The only game that I was excited for was Dead Rising but then I read that they made it serious, gritty, and tonally much darker. The whole point of DR was that it was funny and silly. Sony had a much better games line-up and, honestly, they've always been about innovating and not just paint-by-the-numbers shooters like MS.

sad to say but that is the same for me as well, I can live with the Internet requirements, I can live with Kinnect but the butchering of the second hand market is a step too far.

HAHAHAHA its an X-Bone. LOL

The instructions were unclear. My finger is stuck in the case

Microsoft, really? Xbox One, Jokebox done. Ps4 has owned MS without trying.

Well if that's how you feel, I wont share my entire library of games across the internet to you. Because you wont have an Xbox.

I am a fan of the 360, I prefer it over my PS3, I really wanted to like the XB1, I was impressed with the hardware reveal, I even think it looks better cosmetically than the PS4, but given that I am a casual gamer that very rarely buys full price games and relies on picking up older cheaper second hand games the thought of that market effectively being destroyed is a deal breaker.

If it develops into a clone of Steam then I might be tempted by the very low special offers you see on Steam but the RRP for games has been set at roughly the same price as 360 games which for the amount I play them - Fallout & Skyrim aside - is not value for money for me.

The one thing i didnt like about ps4 is that u cant trade with a friend for that long 30 days is not enough to complete one game it how long they wanna play the way they can go up to like 50 or longer days this is the one thing that got me tight but p4 will be good well better than good such as p3 they just need to be like p3 have a game as long as u like untio ur ready to trade

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