Phantom Dust to return?

News Aaron Birch
26 May 2014 - 20:05

Cult Xbox classic, Phantom Dust, could be on the way back to our screens, as Microsoft files a new trademark...

Well, well. If you read our recent underappreciated Xbox games feature you'll have seen our number one entry, Phantom Dust. This was a superb, and highly original take on the trading card game, and it spliced always popular card collecting with third-person scrapping, and set it in a post-apocalyptic world. It was all very anime, and boasted a huge number of missions and support for extra DLC cards.

Sadly, despite its quality, the game didn't see a release in all areas, including Europe, as well as little marketing, so many didn't get chance to give this classic a go. That may now be set to change, however, as Microsoft has registered a new trademark for Phantom Dust for both America and Europe.

The new trademark, which was apparently filed on May 22, references game software and entertainment services, including the provision of an online computer game. This would seemingly point to a release of an online title, at least, if it's legitimate.

If so, its not known if the game would be a re-release of the original on current platforms in a classic or HD remake guise, or if the game would be a totally new entry. Microsoft has yet to comment on the news, but given the fact that E3 is looming, it's good timing, so we may even see the game at this years expo. We can hope, anyway.

Phantom Dust trademark

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