Night Trap to return

News Aaron Birch
20 May 2014 - 19:13

The cult Sega Mega CD title, Night Trap, could return, according to the game's creator...

Night Trap was one of the most controversial titles released for the Sega Mega CD/Sega CD (also released on PC and 3DO), mainly due to the inclusion of scantily-clad girls and sex at a sleepover invaded by strange kidnappers. Actually, in truth, there are more offensive episodes of Sesame Street, the game has no sex or nudity, and intentionally buffoonish, comedy enemies, but there you go. Who said people need real research of actual hand-so on experience to condemn something?

The game was arguably the most popular FMV tile on the platform, mainly due to the controversy, and although actual gameplay was minimal, it quickly gained a loyal following, which endures to this day. In fact, this fan base is strong enough that the game's co-creator, James Riley, has revealed that it may return.

Announced on the Facebook Night Trap community page, Riley stated "I do plan to re-release Night Trap and have been talking with a number of interested parties to do so."

"However, the specific platform(s) have not been confirmed (including online) and I will let you know once we have a definite plan and release schedule.

"Night Trap will come back, in better resolution and game play than before, we just want to be sure it's the best strategy for all involved."

This is great news for fans of the game, but there's no denying it's a little bit random at the same time. Although Night Trap's cult status is genuine, with a certain charm and appeal that overcame the limitations of the title and the crude FMV of the Mega CD, it's hardly a title that screams comeback, and it's appeal may be a little too limited for a mainstream project. That said, the Shaq-Fu reboot was funded on Kickstarter recently (God knows why), so anything is possible.

For now, here's a short documentary about the controversy caused by Night Trap, which would lead to the creation of the games rating system in the US.

Night Trap Facebook group

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