Minecraft 1.8 update brings user terrain generation

News Aaron Birch
23 Apr 2014 - 07:25

The next big update for Minecraft puts control of the world generation in your hands...

Minecraft's uniquely generated worlds are one of the sandboxer's strongest points, ensuring that each and every game can be a totally different experience. User input on this world generation has been very hands-off so far, though, with seed codes and minimal options being available to help shape the world at the gestation of a new game. That is, until now.

Mojang has released a teaser for the upcoming 1.8 PC Minecraft update that details the new terrain generation options, which are fully controllable by the player. The toolset incorporates some 16 sliders that each deal with various aspects of the world, such as the world's depth, upper limits and scale. You can also utilise some other tools to specify scales and measurements, and chose from a number of generated structures and environmental features, like dungeons, lava lakes, villages and so on. There are also some presets created by Mojang to get you going.

“We've also supplied a set of seven presets that we think players will find interesting, including a world made of water up to the top of the map, and the return of floating islands.”

It's a big new feature that will certainly come as a very welcome addition for creative mode fans, and those who run their own servers, as well as the legions of ever-experimenting Minecraft players who revel in the small details.

There's no date specified for the release of the 1.8 update at this time, but you can see the teaser below.

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