MS Points no more?

News Aaron Birch
16 May 2013 - 05:49

Microsoft may be discontinuing its points-based currency system, according to new reports...

According to The Verge, Microsoft is getting ready to end the points system it uses for purchasing digital content.

The current system, which is used by the Xbox 360, uses points instead of far easier to manage real currency, which is used by the PS3.

The Verge claims that sources close to Microsoft's Xbox plans confirm that the move to real currency is coming, although unlikely to current console, the Xbox 360, and that the new system will also incorporate a new gift card system.

This card-based system will work in a similar way to Apple's iTunes vouchers, and will be available both in store and online, and can be used to buy any digital content. The cards will not only work with the Xbox, but across all of Microsoft's online outlets, including the Windows and Windows Phone stores.

The new system is, apparently, going to be unveiled officially at E3.

The Verge

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