Konami authorises Metal Gear remake

News Aaron Birch
2 Jun 2014 - 20:13

A fan-made remake of the original MSX Metal Gear has been greenlit by Konami, and it'll be free...

The Metal Gear series is undoubtedly one of the biggest in videogaming. It's a console-selling franchise, and one that, despite controversy, like the furore caused by recent paid for demo, Ground Zeroes, continues to pull in the crowd and achieve critical success.

Unless you were gaming in the late 80s, or haven't taken the time to delve into retro gaming, you may not be familiar with the first entries in the series. Before Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation, the first games graced the MSX and NES in the late 80s, and introduced the world to the now familiar stealth mechanics used by the series and may other titles. Yes, these were primitive by today's standards, but at the time, the idea of hiding from foes rather than killing everything that moved was quite unique.

Well, if you are one of those who has, so far, missed out on the first games (which were actually included in the MGS Legacy Collection) you'll soon be able to play a fan-made remake.

Konami has given the go ahead to modding group, Outer Heaven, to release a remake of the first Metal Gear. The remake will utilise Valve's Alien Swarm engine, which is a free-to-play system. This permission will let the modding team take the original game's content and turn it into a 3D title, complete with more modern mechanics and controls. Work has already begun on the release, and it's looking promising.

As Konami has backed the project, this allows the team full-rights to remake the game in its entirety for free, although no copyrighted material can be used for marketing. You can see details of the remake at ModDB (link below).


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